We Keep Pricing Simple

These are YOUR menus! Display beer, food, events, and whatever else you want.
We make sure they always look amazing so you can spend your time taking care of customers.

Custom Solutions

We build custom solutions to help any business engage their customers and employees in unique ways.

Interactive Solutions | CMS Integrations | Custom Kiosks | And More!

* 24/7 Support includes phone, email, and chat support with a < 24hr response time
† Hardware is included with a 6-month commitment. Cancel < 6 months and simply return the hardware

Still Not Sure?

We get it… your menus are a direct reflection of your brand. And Everyone says, “It’s easy to use…”
Let us prove it on a quick, live demo. We know all of your worries will be put at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial? Yes, your first month is free!

Getting your menu exactly how you want it may take a few tweaks. We give you the first month free so we can get everything exactly how you want it before you start paying for our service.

Can I use my own hardware?

Yes, we currently use the Amazon FireStick. Bring your own device and receive a one-time $25 credit toward your service! Please know that the newer devices do provide a better experience and responsiveness. 

Can I cancel at any time? Of course!

We hope this never happens and if it does we’d love for you to tell us why. If you cancel in less than 6 months, we just need you to send us back any hardware we sent you. 

What am I really paying for?

You are paying for the incredible service and product that we offer. When you have trouble, we’re here to help. When you need a new feature, we’ve got you! We keep it all simple so you can sell your beer faster!

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